Advanced Fire & Security Cornwall can provide a range of flammable, explosive and poisonous gas detection systems, installation, maintenance, and commissioning. Using our gas monitor panel system up to 16 gas sensors can be installed onto one panel. The panel can then shut down gas and other systems on activation, integrate to building data and BMS systems and provide an audio and visual warning.

Any combination of sensors from the FGS range can be connected by simply wiring in parallel, cutting down on installation costs. The communication interface allows all sensor information to be displayed on the panel, this includes gas type, concentration status, alarms, and calibration data.

The relay outputs allow the unit to be connected to external systems or alarm beacons and the latching and failsafe facilities combined with the additional device interfaces over the flexibility to cover any application.

• 16 Channel Monitor
• Clear LCD indication
• Auto-reset following a power failure
• Fire Alarm test bypass timer
• 24VDC auxiliary power output to power up to 4-6
Flamefast Gas Sensors dependant on the sensor type
External power supply required for additional
• Additional Interfaces for:
º Thermal Links, Ventilation Systems, Remote
Emergency Stop Buttons and Fire Alarm Systems
• Sensor calibration reminder
• Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault relays
• Selectable relay latching function


Standard Gas Detection Sensors Available*:

NG Methane 100% LEL 5 CAT
H2 Hydrogen 100% LEL 5 CAT
LPG Propane 100% LEL 5 CAT
C2H2 Acetylene 100% LEL 5 CAT
CO Carbon Monoxide 300ppm 5 EC
NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide 10ppm 3 EC
O2 Oxygen 25.0% 5 FL
CH4IR Methane 100% LEL 10 IR
CO2 Carbon Dioxide 5.0% 10 IR
C3H8 Propane 100% LEL 10 IR
C2H4 Ethylene 100% LEL 10 IR
SF6 Sulphur Hexafluoride 2000ppm 10 IR
CL2 Chlorine 5.0ppm 2 EC
H2e Hydrogen 2000ppm 2 EC
NO Nitric Oxide 100ppm 2 EC
SO2 Sulphur Dioxide 20.0ppm 2 EC
NH3 Ammonia

*Other specialist sensors available, please contact us with your gas detection sensor requirements.

Advanced Fire & Security Supply, install, commission and maintain gas detection systems throughout Cornwall and the South West of England.