Cornwall Fire Alarm Maintenance Inspections

Regular testing and maintenance of your Cornwall fire alarm system will protect your business, property, staff, and customers in the event of a fire.Cornwall-fire-alarm-maintenance

We provide 3 or 6 monthly fire alarm inspections and also weekly fire alarm testing if required. Our skilled team of fire alarm engineers inspect, test, maintain and repair all makes and models of fire alarm systems in Cornwall, completely in accordance with BS 5839 part 1 and part 6. Our engineers will identify any non-compliances to the British Standard & defects enabling planned repairs to be carried out as soon as possible to avoid any interruption to the life safety system or business reduce the risks and potential costs of future faults.

Cornwall Fire Alarm Testing & Maintenance

What we do as standard during our fire alarm maintenance visit:

  • Ensure the testing and the fire alarm log book has been completed
  • Check previous fire risk assessment recommendations and that they have been completed
  • Visually inspect the fire alarm system, including all sounders, detectors, and call-points
  • Check the operation of the fire alarm sounders and equipment interfaces
  • Check the operation of the standby battery system, their capacity and calculate they meet fire alarm standby requirements
  • Verify output communications of the fire alarm control panel
  • Provide a detailed electronic inspection report recording all test results
  • Our digital PDF fire alarm inspection report will be automatically emailed to you within minutes of the servicing completion (no more lost paper reports)!

Why is Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance required?fire-alarm-testing-in-cornwall

In the event that a fire starts, it is essential that building occupants are alerted immediately. Fire alarms are the most effective way to do this providing the fire alarm system has been correctly maintained and that any repair and upgrade reccomondations have been carried out.

Periodic testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems is a requirement to ensure the fire alarm system will function correctly in the event of a fire. It is a requirement that premises have an updated fire risk assessment and are equipped with appropriate fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm system, and emergency lighting.

BS 5839-1 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings (Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises) regulations cover the design, installation, and maintenance of fire alarm systems. It also stipulates that any fire alarm design or maintenance work should be undertaken by a competent person.

BS 5839-6 is the equivalent standard for domestic premises, sheltered housing, and houses in multiple occupation, HMO’s.

How often should fire alarm testing take place?
Regulations recommend that Fire Alarm Testing by a competent company should take place a minimum of every six months, weekly sounder checks and or fire drills should also be carried out by the user or by the competent fire alarm company if required. A daily visual inspection of the fire alarm system should also take place. All fire alarm checks, tests, faults and activations should be recorded in the fire safety log book. If you don’t have a fire safety log book please contact us for a replacement.

Who can undertake fire alarm testing and maintenance visits?
According to BS5839, fire alarm inspections and maintenance should be undertaken by a competent person and or competent company. A member of staff based at the property may be competent or can be trained to carry out daily checks and weekly fire alarm tests, 6 monthly fire alarm maintenance, and servicing require a much greater level of fire and electrical competence. This is the reason trained and certificated fire alarm maintenance companies carry out the 6 monthly maintenance visits.

What are the benefits of fire alarm testing?
Fire alarms are an important element of any health and safety for building occupants, a correctly maintained fire alarm system can mean the difference between life and death in a fire situation. Servicing and maintaining a fire alarm system ensures it is in correct working order should it be required. Failing to correctly maintain your fire alarm system can result in prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive should the alarm be in a poor state of repair, not have a testing regime or not operate correctly in the event of a fire.

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