Cornwall Gas Detection System Installation



The Flamefast Boiler Guard control panel is an affordable yet complete plant room gas detection safety system providing a centralised interface for all boiler room safety systems in Cornwall such as fire alarm inputs, emergency stops, thermal links and gas detection sensors.  There is also an option to include gas pressure proving if devices are used without flame failure devices.

A large combination of flamefast gas detection sensors can be connected to the system, this is particularity useful in Cornwall healthcare premises where a mix of boiler room sensors and medical gas sensors are required. The communication interface allows accurate sensor information to be displayed on the panel display, this details the gas type, concentration of gas, status, alarms and calibration information.

The system can be connected to external systems, alarm devices, sounders and alarm receiving center monitoring. The system has the flexibility to cover any application.

The Flamefast Gas detection system is one of the most versatile and reliable gas detection systems available on the market. Advanced Fire & Security Cornwall are an approved Flamefast installation & maintenance partner.

Cornwall Flamefast Gas Detection Installer 

Available Gas Detection Sensors

FGS-NGMethane100% LEL5CAT
FGS-H2Hydrogen100% LEL5CAT
FGS-LPGPropane100% LEL5CAT
FGS-C2H2Acetylene100% LEL5CAT
FGS-COCarbon Monoxide300ppm5EC
FGS-NO2Nitrogen Dioxide10ppm3EC
FGS-CH4IRMethane100% LEL10IR
FGS-CO2Carbon Dioxide5.0%10IR
FGS-C3H8Propane100% LEL10IR
FGS-C2H4Ethylene100% LEL10IR
FGS-SF6Sulphur Hexafluoride2000ppm10IR
FGS-NONitric Oxide100ppm2EC
FGS-SO2Sulphur Dioxide20.0ppm2EC