Fire & Smoke Damper Maintenance In Cornwall

All fire and smoke damper safety systems must be maintained to ensure the fire safety the property and people within the building. A faulty fire or smoke damper will not correctly stop the spread of smoke and fire. Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is now the employer’s responsibility to maintain and ensure their fire safety systems are working correctly at all times.

It is a requirement that fire and smoke damper maintenance and testing is carried out a minimum of annually. Fire damper testing requires a full visual inspection of the fire damper and a operation drop test. All tests are photographed, barcoded and recorded into a pdf report.

What is a fire damper drop testing?

Fire dampers are installed where ventilation ductwork passes through fire compartment walls, floors and ceilings. They are held open by two methods of operation a ‘fusible link’, which BS 9999:2017 defines as a ‘device that releases a component such as a fire damper or fire shutter at a set temperature’. Or an electronic system that activates the fire or smoke damper when it receives the input from the fire alarm system or in duct thermal temperature switch.

Fusible Link Fire Dampers
When he fusible link is exposed to high heat, it will release and close the fire damper. The fusible link can also has manual release for testing purposes. Our expert engineers will manually release the fire damper and visually check the integrity of the mechanism. All fire dampers should close fully on release – it is the integrity of the closure that prevents the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency situation.

Resetting a fire damper

On completion of a fire damper drop test, it is critical that the fire damper is correctly reset, so it is ready for operation in fire. Our engineers are trained to correctly reset fire dampers and replacing fusible links where required.

Accessing fire dampers for testing purposes

Access to fire dampers is extremely important for testing and maintenance purposes. All fire dampers need to be located within easy reach through a loft space, ceiling void or access panel. The ductwork then needs an access hatch to allow internal inspection of the fire damper. During our maintenance visit the dampers are photographed inside the ductwork to prove the correctly close and then open. If your fire dampers do not have correct access we can install correct access panels in ductwork or building.

Cleaning fire dampers

Eventually your ventilation system will accumulate dirt, dust and debris. This could prevent block or damage the fire damper and atop it from operating. Our engineers can clean your fire damper of its found to be dirty or contaminated. This will be detailed on our fire damper inspection report and the condition photographed.

How often should you carry out fire damper testing and maintenance?

BS 9999:2017 states that “all fire dampers to be tested by a competent person on completion of the installation and at annual intervals. Spring-operated fire dampers should be tested annually and fire dampers situated in dust-laden and similar atmospheres should be tested much more frequently, at periods suited to the degree of pollution’. Dampers in hospitals or high-risk environments will require more frequent testing.”

Evidence of fire damper testing

Completing maintenance checks of your fire damper system alone is insufficient for compliance. You have to have complete and accurate maintenance records that when testing was carried out. Our engineers produces industry leading fire damper maintenance reports, these include photographic evidence of the dampers open and closed state, the damper location and damper fire stopping. testing, to satisfy authorities that testing has been conducted

Barcoded Damper Information

All dampers have a barcode qr code attached, this can be scanned by any smartphone to show all previous service visit details, damper installation details and a quick access form to detail any defects. You don’t even need any special phone apps or software, the qr code takes you straight to secure website that lists all previous service information.

This is why our damper maintenance is one of the most comprehensive and complete compliance services around!

Email Advanced Fire & Security Cornwall for further details about our fire and smoke damper testing service and for examples of our fire damper service reports.