In the realm of fire safety, Housing Associations face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to inner room fire safety conditions. Traditional fire safety measures often fall short or are unachievable in addressing these issues, leading to a demand for innovative water mist fire safety solutions. Advanced Fire & Security, a leader in cutting-edge fire suppression protection technologies, has stepped up to the challenge in the South West region by introducing Automist systems. This revolutionary technology promises to overcome the limitations of conventional misting and sprinkler fire safety methods, offering enhanced protection for properties with inner rooms within housing associations.

Understanding the Challenge:

Inner rooms, often lacking immediate access to escape routes and protected escape routes, pose a significant challenge in the event of a fire. Traditional fire safety measures, such as sprinkler systems, may struggle to penetrate these enclosed spaces effectively. Housing Associations in the South West have recognized the need for specialized water mist fire suppression solutions to ensure the safety of residents and protect valuable properties.

Automist Water Mist Systems: The Game-Changer

Enter Automist systems – a game-changing technology introduced by Advanced Fire & Security. Automist utilizes cutting-edge water mist technology to suppress fires efficiently while addressing the unique challenges posed by inner room conditions. This innovative system is particularly well-suited for retrofit applications, making it an ideal solution for existing housing structures.

Key Features of Automist Systems:

  1. Water Mist Technology: Automist deploys a fine mist of water to suppress fires. This mist efficiently cools the surrounding air and removes heat, reducing the fire’s intensity and preventing its spread.
  2. Installation Flexibility: One of the standout features of Automist systems is their adaptability to various building structures. They can be easily retrofitted into existing properties without the need for extensive modifications.
  3. Targeted Suppression: Automist systems are designed to target specific areas, making them especially effective in inner rooms. This focused approach ensures minimal water usage while maximizing the system’s effectiveness.
  4. Minimal Water Damage: Unlike traditional sprinkler systems that can cause significant water damage, Automist’s fine mist minimizes collateral damage. This is crucial for protecting valuable assets within housing associations.
  5. Ease of Integration with Existing Systems: Advanced Fire & Security ensures a seamless integration of Automist systems with existing fire safety infrastructure. This ensures a comprehensive and cohesive approach to fire protection.

Case Study: Successful Implementation in South West Housing Associations

Several Housing Associations in the South West have already embraced the Automist system, reaping the benefits of enhanced fire safety. The successful installations have showcased the system’s effectiveness in suppressing fires within inner rooms, ultimately saving lives and preserving property.


As the demand for advanced fire safety solutions continues to rise, Advanced Fire & Security’s introduction of Automist systems in the South West Housing Associations signifies a significant stride forward. The innovative technology addresses the specific challenges posed by inner room conditions, providing a reliable and efficient means of fire suppression. With its adaptability, minimal water damage, and targeted approach, Automist stands as a beacon of hope for housing associations seeking to bolster their fire safety measures and protect their communities.


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