Advanced Fire & Security SW recognizes the pressing challenges posed by inner rooms in residential spaces, prompting a strategic response to enhance fire safety. Inner rooms, often accessed through an outer living area, present a serious threat to life during a fire emergency. This is especially true for inner bedrooms, where occupants may be deeply asleep or under the influence of alcohol when a fire ignites in the outer room.

The Problem:

The intricacies of inner rooms lie in their potential to impede escape routes during a fire, especially when the access room is compromised. Inner bedrooms, in particular, add another layer of danger due to occupants’ vulnerability during deep sleep or intoxication. While a closed bedroom door may momentarily hold back smoke, it can also mute the alarm’s sound from the outer room, delaying awareness and response.

Two noteworthy instances requiring attention regarding inner rooms include construction alterations triggering the Building Control process and compliance with current Building Regulations. Additionally, landlords overseeing properties with inner rooms lacking a protected escape route must address these fire safety concerns, regardless of initial compliance with Building Regulations during construction.

Guidance and AWFSS (automatic water fire suppression systems):

To address inner room fire safety concerns, BS 9991 recommends an automatic fire suppression system (AWFSS) for flats with rooms above the first floor. Advanced Fire & Security SW emphasizes the importance of consulting Building Control Officers, who often have specific policies on AWFSS installation as a compensatory measure. Automist water mist fire suppression systems, the cutting-edge water mist fire suppression system, emerges as a solution to safeguard inner rooms.

Design is crucial to determine the suitability of retrofittable fire suppression for specific applications. The LACoRS guide underscores the potential benefits, stating that the provision of a suitable water suppression system can, in certain circumstances, lead to relaxed requirements for inner rooms, offering a comprehensive approach to fire safety.


Advanced Fire & Security SW’s commitment to addressing inner room fire safety challenges demonstrates a proactive stance in safeguarding lives and property. By introducing Automist water mist fire suppression systems and aligning with established guidelines, the company not only provides an effective solution but also contributes to the creation of safer residential environments. As inner room fire safety continues to be a critical concern, Advanced Fire & Security SW stands at the forefront, ensuring that innovative technologies and comprehensive measures are in place to overcome these challenges in the South West region.