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Cornwall Fire Stopping Installation

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Advanced Fire & Security offer a full range of fire stopping installation and services to ensure building fire compartments, risers and roof voids are fire stopped to the required fire rating. We seal all penetrations through fire compartment walls to ensure the buildings fire resistance.

Fire stopping is the sealing of any openings within building walls, floors and ceilings to prevent fire (including smoke and heat) from passing through into multiple rooms or building compartments. The fire is contained by creating fire protected compartments, these divide the building vertically and or horizontally in to designed fire compartments. Each fire compartment is designed to a particular fire rating, some walls may be 3o minute fire rated when other may be 60 minute fire rated. This depends on the use of the room, building and the exact fire exit strategy. Building design must ensure that any openings and gaps cannot allow the spread of fire in a lateral and vertical direction.

All Advanced Fire & Security fire stopping is recorded with a barcode tag system and digitally produced in a pdf report showing a photo of the installation, product used, hour rating and barcode number If provided, cad drawings are also updated with the fire stopping barcode identifier to show the exact location of the fire stopped installation.

Here is some further information from the Wiki firestop definition is:

A firestop is a fire protection system made of various components used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall or floor assemblies. For penetrating cables, these can also be called as Multi Cable Transits (MCTs). Firestops are designed to restore the continuous fire-resistance of wall or floor assemblies, impeding the spread of fire by filling the openings in them with fire-resistant materials.

Fire Sleeves

Fire sleeves are designed to fill or seal an aperture created by pipes or cables passing through a fire-rated wall or ceiling. In a fire situation the sleeve expands to fill the available space between the service and the substrate. In the case of plastic pipes the sleeve will crush and seal off the pipe preventing the passage of fire and smoke to the adjacent compartment.

Fire Collars

Fire collars are designed to maintain fire resistance levels. They do this by surrounding pipes and other penetrations with intumescent compounds that expand throughout the fire. This prevents flames and hot gases passing into other compartments.

Fire Covers

Fire covers are designed for stopping fires of luminaires in fire rated suspended ceilings. In a fire situation, the cover expands internally to fill all the available space with a fire resistant, highly insulating char.

Fire Sealants

Fire sealants and gap fillers expand when heated at high temperatures, to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. There are different kinds of sealants for different substrates and applications.



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  • Using the latest technology to allow fully digital reporting.

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