Personal Protection System (PPS)

A temporary and portable fire sprinkler for those at greater risk….

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How can the PPS system help?

Some occupants are at greater risk from fire. They may be prone to starting fires accidentally and unable to quickly move away, through limited mobility or because they are bedridden. Automist Personal Protection System (PPS) provides fast-acting, effective protection and can be installed quickly and easily, with no disruption to the occupant. Rental and leasing options make it affordable as a temporary measure.

Covering a specific area, perhaps the occupant’s bed or armchair, the PPS is activated by a flame detector, designed to detect and suppress a fire early before significant heat and smoke have developed and before a serious injury can occur. It is recommended that it is deployed as part of a package of measures designed to reduce the fire risk to a vulnerable person. The unit is connected to a GSM module which will send text messages to allocated numbers when it has been activated or the power has been disconnected.

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Outer dimensions
The PPS cabinet is 1380mm high, 380mm deep and 380mm wide. The flame detector and sprayhead on the front of the cabinet protrude by 60mm and 40mm respectively.

Electrical requirements
The system plugs into a standard domestic plug socket. GSM Auto Dialler Sends text messages to up to four numbers to alert you if the system has been activated or power is lost.

The system is activated by a flame detector and will operate if a flame is detected within the protected area for more than 12 seconds. A warning message will alert occupants that the system is about to activate. When used to protect heavy smokers, electronic lighters should be supplied as a naked flame activates the system.

Fire Performance
The Automist PPS was tested at Warrington Fire to determine its fire suppression properties, the research report is available to download.

The system uses Cold Fire® – a safe for humans, 100% biodegradable and non-hazardous fire suppressing agent, which has a remarkable ability to cool a fire and surrounding structures. It absorbs 6 -10 times more heat energy than plain water. It results in greater visibility, reduced smoke and soot and, most importantly, a drastic reduction in toxins.

Run time
If activated, the PPS will dispense mist for four minutes.

Installation and maintenance
The system must be installed and maintained by Advanced Fire & Security. As authorised installer Advanced Fire & Security will carry out a commissioning procedure if the system has been activated and, at least, every six months.

Rapid Response

Rapid installation and commissioning

Advanced Fire & Security stock the PPS system for rapid installation and commissioning with 24hr 365 days a year call out response.

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